Rules of MentorDay

As every other club, we have our set of rules to try to keep the magic going. Mentor Day was born out of the need for mentorship and how mentors in different communities can contribute by paying it forward helping the coming generations.  It is very important that it stays true to its purpose in order to make it sustainable.

With that in mind, we want to propose an initial set of rules that we believe are fundamental to the continuity of this day, that will protect the current participants and also attract new people who can generate a tremendous impact. The list will likely suffer adaptations and improve as time goes by but it should work as our Terms and Conditions to which you have to abide should you wish to continue as part of our network.

Please remember above all that MentorDay is FREE for mentees and on a VOLUNTEER basis for mentors so we will have no tolerance in the interest of protecting everyone. This applies for both mentees AND mentors.

Rules of MentorDay

  1. MentorDay is for MENTORSHIP. You absolutely cannot offer any service to the other party or use your mentor session as a “bait and switch” for any other reason such as sales, ask for investment, ask for connections, etc. We won’t stop this from happening outside of the context of the session if both parties are interested but won´t have any room for people making wrong use of their time to receive/give mentorship.
  2. Time is money. If you are not on time you can expect this to be your last session. It is very important you are respectful of other people’s time and agendas. If you have any problem that’s making you late you must contact the other party immediately. You also need to be aware that the scheduled times are not flexible as there is someone right before and after your session. We advise people should plan to arrive 5-10 minutes before their scheduled session.
  3. Sessions are personal. Yes you can bring your co-founder or one of your employees who’s instrumental to the problem you are trying to solve but it is not acceptable if you a) don’t show up and send someone else b) bring your friend because he was in town and wanted to meet the other person c) bring 10 people. You applied as yourself and the other person is counting on you. We also are 🙂
  4. What happens in session, stays in session. Your privacy is important to us and so it should be to every party. Mentors and mentees enter in a trust relationship that should be respected and the contents of the meeting should be treated as confidential.
  5. One problem, one solution. MentorDay pairs mentors and mentees based on one specific problem. If that problem is addressed the meeting is a success and by no means that is necessarily a cue to bring up ten other problems.
  6. One-time thing. You should not expect a longer relationship with the mentor/mentee unless it naturally evolves into one. The expectation is that this is a one time session to explore a very specific problem which we hope gets a solution. It should be effective for both parties and there should be no hard feelings if no calls happen the next day.

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