Mind the Gap is my natural reaction to a world with many gaps. Information gaps, knowledge gaps, economical gaps, social gaps, etc – there are gaps everywhere. The thing with gaps is that once you see them you can’t ignore them and the mind can’t be stopped: that gap needs to be bridged. This is my humble attempt to bridge some of them and where I share some of my thoughts on different matters and hopefully ignite thoughts in other people. Welcome.


Currently in Miami I´m working with two issues very close to my heart: talent immigration and open mentorship. Startup Visa helps top global entrepreneurs gain residency in the Unites States. Mentor Day is a non-for-profit designed to democratize the access to mentorship regardless of funding level, associations or experience.

Previously a Partner at 500 Startups where since 2013 I led investments in over 90 early-stage companies in Latin America, Europe and the United States. For over two years I headed the accelerator for 500 Startups in Mexico City empowering entrepreneurs seeking opportunities in Spanish speaking markets. In 2013, Revista Apertura –the most prominent business outlet in Argentina– recognised some of my efforts as an entrepreneur, featuring me as one of the top entrepreneurs in the country.

As a speaker, I’ve been invited to present in forums such as EmTech by MIT Technology Review, Wharton, IDB, Latin Trade, CEAL, among others. I’m also an advisor to Fintech Americas and several prominent startups in the LatAm region.

I’m frequently consulted by different media regarding Startups, Innovation and Venture Capital and write for different publishers such as TechCrunch, PulsoSocial, and other local outlets in the region.

I hold a Master in Social Science with a major in BA from Mälardalen University in Sweden and speak four languages.