Let me put it out there: once you had to personally rate (by first hand experience) luxury hotels for a job, that idea of finding “a dream job” could be slightly challenging. So really, what’s next?

In times where Australia promotes itself by giving away “the best job in the world”, the real question we should ask ourselves is – how can wake really make that work for everyone?

Do we get more satisfaction out of being pampered or out of being challenged? What’s more powerful?

Coming back to my time as a “luxury hotel sommelier”, I can quickly recall the question I heard the most at the time – ‘so juan, what’s the best hotel in the world?’. No matter how many hotels I had seen and visited, my answer would always be the same – the ‘best hotel in the world’ doesn’t necessarily rely on its own intrinsic components, it is not purely based on the best bed linen or in majestic views, rather the contrary, the answer to that question lies within. The best hotel in the world has more to do with you than it has to do with the hotel itself, it depends on who you were with, how you felt when you got there, how you felt while being there and how you felt after you left. Of course the hotel can do its part to help those (and many other) factors, but you could perfectly argue that the best hotel in the world is that 3* bed and breakfast you found on that road trip through Scotland and not necessarily the Burj al Arab in Dubai.

Likewise, finding the best job in the world has a lot in common with finding that hotel. The truth is, it really depends, not as much on the job, but on yourself. There’s nothing more powerful than first really taking the time to ask yourself what it is you really want for yourself, your long term goal, your vision. Once you have found that, you might as well write down your mission – see what needs to be done TODAY to achieve that which you really want to pursue in the long run. Remember, that mission will most definitely change throughout your life, and that’s absolutely fine.

Now guess what: You have already defined what the best job in the world is FOR YOU. For as long you do what takes you closer to your vision, for as long as your mission is put to practice, you can proudly say: I’ve got the best job in the world.

I do, do you?

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